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If You’re currently looking for a Halloween costume that is trendy and sexy, The Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume is- it’s smart, it’s sexy, it is full of fun and it is the costume of a youth icon that is legendary. There’s little doubt that Lady Gaga is one of the most popular youth icons of today. She is sassy and has her own sense of identity which is perhaps one of the features. She is known to wear costumes in even, her performances and her videos her appearances. She makes for a great version for Halloween costumes. And, no wonder, many of her costumes become popular during Halloween.


black sequin dress


There is little doubt that the Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume is one of the greatest Lady Gaga costumes to don this Halloween. It is small, light, not hard to assemble and it is the ideal attention grabber.


The costume itself is a sequin dress in black with Parts in silver. The dress is shoulder off. And includes a geometric layout. It’s an triangular flap close to the shoulder and two semi- circular flaps jutting out at the sides. The dress looks fantastic as long as it fits you. It needs to be a body fitting dress for you. The asymmetry of this dress, the result of the flaps, makes the dress look very out of the world glamorous.


There is an upper face mask that comes with the costume. It has one triangular eye patch in keeping with the colours of the dress made in another in silver and black. It gives a very alluring and sexy look to the entire costume.


Lady Gaga is rarely seen without her wigs. For this Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume, you have one short wig, shaped in her bob style that is famous. The bangs should come just short of the eyebrows. This may not be included with the costume, but you can purchase it separately from your website that was costume.


In the Case of this sequence dress costume, there is pantyhose that is netted. Even black nylon pantyhose will do just fine if you do not have netted pantyhose. This might not be included with the costume, but you can order it separately from your site that was costume.


For the Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume, ankle length boots will be needed by you, with side Zippers and stiletto heels. It is possible to purchase it from your site that is costume.

Here are some examples of black sequin dress :

  • long sequin dress

long sequin dress


  • long sleeve sequin dress

long sleeve sequin dress


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sequin party dresses


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sequin dresses short

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